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NFL Concussion Litigation - The Science of Sport

January 8, 2013
2:00PM - 4:00 PM ET


Paul D. Anderson, Esq., NFL Concussion Litigation Blog, Kansas City, MO
Andrew M. Blecher, MD, Primary Care Sports Medicine, Medical Director, Center for Rehabilitation Medicine, Southern California Orthopedic Institute, Van Nuys, CA
Timothy Liam Epstein, Esq., SmithAmundsen LLC, Chicago, IL
Dustin Fink, MS, ATC, The Concussion Blog, Shelbyville, IL
David D. Langfitt, Esq., Locks Law Firm, Philadelphia, PA
Charlie Mullin, Ph.D., Bates White LLC, Washington, D.C.
Scott Thomas Peters, Former NFL (National Football League) Player, 7 Year Career, Phoenix, AZ


Cost: $129, unlimited listeners from one line. Additional phone lines are $29 each. Includes 1 CLE for 1 listener (Additional CLE credits $25 each).
CLE Credit: 1.5-2.0 CLE credits, depending on state requirements.
Applications are being made to all CLE states as requested by attendees.

For more information about registration, contact Bethany Long.


Topics to be Covered:

  • The Latest Scientific Research on Concussions and Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy
  • Concussion studies: a history of what is known about football and the dangers of head injuries
  • What is Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE)?
  • Overview of past and recent research findings
  • Will CTE become a marker for a signature disease associated with sports-related concussions?
  • Update on upcoming studies
  • Overview of the player suits against the NFL and equipment manufacturers: current allegations and defenses
  • The history and timeline of NFL-sponsored studies and concussion rules instituted by the league
  • How does the science fit into the current litigation strategies?
  • The legal and economic impact of concussion litigation for players, sports leagues and uniform equipment manufacturers
  • Reading the right coverage: Will concussion litigation become a headache for the insurance industry? Duty to defend, trigger, occurrences and other coverage issues