May 26, 2021
Genomic Analysis in Tort Cases (Virtual)

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Genomic Analysis in Tort Cases

May 26, 2021 - 10:00 AM ET - 4:30 PM ET (Virtual)

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Multiple types of genomic analyses are increasingly being used in a wide range of lawsuits, and often provide objective, quantitative data that have a dramatic impact on the outcome of the case. This conference brings together scientific and legal experts with deep knowledge and experience in the actual use of genomic analyses in litigation.

The panelists will provide examples of the many cases in which genomic data and analyses have been used in different types of legal actions. One panel will address use of genetic techniques in cases involving issues such as birth defects, medical malpractice and individual variability in the metabolism of drugs and chemicals. Another panel will present examples of using genomic analyses for cancer cluster cases, and in "environmental cases" in which genomic analyses have been used to provide objective evidence to trace sources of exposure and dispersal. Other panels will address the use of genomics in product liability and/or premises cases involving exposures to toxicants, including asbestos, benzene and radiation, as well as actual and potential uses and impacts for class actions, for chapter 11 estimations and for reserving for future expenses. Other experts will provide an overview of the processes and methods involved in using genomic analysis in actual cases.
Because uses of genetics in the courtroom involve communicating quantitative data and scientific principles to judges and juries, effective communication techniques are paramount to success. Therefore, litigation and jury trial consulting experts will provide insights on the power of using genomic data and scientific principles to explain why a particular person presented with outcomes (i.e., phenotypes) that cannot be explained by "black box" epidemiology.

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