December 13, 2016
Legalized Cannabis, Ethics, State and Federal Taxes, and Cannabis Tax Compliance

December 13th, 2016

2:00pm – 3:30pm EST


  • Nick J. Richards, Esq., Dill Dill Carr Stonbraker & Hutchings, P.C., Denver, CO
    Bernie Taillon, CPA, Triad Tax, Greenwood Village, CO


Attorney and Adjunct Professor Nick J. Richards will provide an update of the current legal landscape and the ethical requirements facing lawyers with Cannabis clients. Participants will then learn about specific state cannabis taxes, Internal Revenue Code Section 280E, and the impact these state and federal taxes have on state legal cannabis businesses. With an understanding of the unique challenges posed by cannabis taxes, the participants will then learn about entity structures and tax compliance in the cannabis industry with an eye toward the eventual state and federal tax audits that all state legal cannabis businesses face.

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