January 21, 2021
2:00-3:30 p.m. ET
Webinar Recording Available: Mass Tort Bankruptcy Trends in 2020 and Outlook for 2021

Webinar recording is now available. Click the Register tab to purchase recording. 


Topics for discussion include:

  • State of bankruptcy mass torts including sexual abuse (Boy Scouts, clergy), asbestos, talc, opioids
  • How will the state of 2020 mass tort bankruptcies effect the mass tort bankruptcies in 2021? What types of defendants will we see?
  • What are the conditions that lead to bankruptcies?
  • How has the pandemic affected mass tort bankruptcies?
  • Corporate restructuring-How are defendants taking advantage?
  • Are there residual impacts from bankruptcies?
  • Compare and contrast mass tort bankruptcies.
  • What is the role of insurance in bankruptcies?

For more information about this recording, contact Amy Williams at awilliams@perrinconferences.com

 CLE Credit will be available.

CLE Credit: 1.5-1.8 CLE credits, depending on state requirements.

Applications are being made to all CLE states as requested by attendees.